Miss Sloane review

Miss Sloane is an attention-grabbing political thriller due for a 12 May launch in Ireland. I got a sneak peak at the film at a recent screening in Dublin. Here’s our spoiler-free Miss Sloane review to give you the heads up.

The plot behind Miss Sloane

Jessica Chastain plays Miss Sloane, a power and control hungry lobbyist. Lobbying is extremely popular in the States. It involves influencing government officials making decisions on important bills. Sloane isn’t just a lobbyist, she’s a damn good one, developing quite a reputation. She’s approached to drive a campaign to increase women’s interest in guns. Sloane is then approached by an opposing group who she teams up with. The rest, you’ll have to watch the film. This is spoiler free.

Is it Miss Sloane good?

As far as Hollywood stories go, Miss Sloane is fairly unique. Well, I say unique but I can’t help but feel it’s a cross between Suits and House of Cards. It’s got bits to make you giggle, gasp and question American politics. Yes, there’s even more, to question in the era of Trump.

It’s a cross between Suits and House of Cards

The movie feels a little long through parts and maybe some parts could have been cut out. In all, the film runs for two hours which is pretty standard. Even at two hours, there’s still enough throughout to hold your attention as the film builds up to a climax.

Where there negative reviews?

The film has already been released in the States and did receive some negative reviews. Remember, the film is based on the fictional Heaton-Harris bill to make gun laws more strict.

Some American’s don’t want you to touch their fictional guns

There’s a large proportion of American’s who don’t even want you to touch their fictional guns. Many saw the film fall short of projections and considered it a flop. Which leaves just one final question.

Should you go see Miss Sloane?

It’s a weird one because I felt like I was watching a long episode of House of Cards. That’s not a bad thing at all either. But I did feel more like this was suited to watching on the couch with Netflix. Still, it’s a great movie. Is it a ‘simply must watch in the cinema’ movie? Maybe not. You could wait for it to hit Sky Movies, Netflix or DVD. Either way, Miss Sloane is a two-hour political thriller well worth a watch.

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Miss Sloane
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miss-sloane-reviewWhile it might slow down in parts, overall Miss Sloane is a thrilling look into the world of political lobbying.

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