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In an unsual step, Facebook unveiled it’s long awaited answer to the calls for a dislike button, exclusively to their Spanish and Irish markets. Users can now like, haha, yay, wow, sad or angry in response to goings on with “the book”.

facebook reactions

But let’s be honest here, these are a little tame and don’t really capture the raw emotion of the average Irish Facebook user. Here’s a few more reactions we feel the people of Ireland could make use of.

Christ on a bike

christ on a bike gifYou see a picture of that unpopular kid from school is now marrying your ex of over 10 years ago. Sure it doesn’t mean anything any more, but the sheer shock of the situation would have you screaming “Christ on a bike”. Works also for that couple who’ve been together since playschool, but one then changes their relationship status on Facebook to single.

Ara go shite

This one would be specifically useful for when you see someone have something you want. Could be a day off or maybe they won €845 in the local lottery. By saying “ara go shite”, you’ll surely sleep easier knowing that you’ve shown your disdain for their general happiness.

Fair play to ya

fair play to yaWhether you’ve just scaled Mount Everest or managed to carry 7 Starbucks coffees in one go, the option of “fair play to ya” provides genuine congratulations while maintaining the ability to be hugely sarcastic. Context is king with this one.


To be honest,”like” should be just generally replaced with savage.

Some dose

some dose gifWhen something awful happens to someone, only one phrase can truly make everything better; “some dose”. From broken bones to lost phones, “some dose” is a must have reaction to have in the old repertoire.

We won’t be holding our breath for these to appear on Facebook, but they really would improve it right?

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