Get Shit Done With Video Game Soundtracks

get shit done with game soundtracks

I remember when I was younger and being told to turn off the PlayStation because I needed to get outside for some exercise to be healthy. I always hoped that some sort of study would come along and just say FIFA 2001 was actually fantastic for the development of young brains. While that study never did come along, science didn’t let me down completely in finding some good in computer games. So, if your office is earphone-friendly or you’re trying to get an important essay finished in college, listening to soundtracks from games can help you get super focused.

Why You Should Listen to Video Game Soundtracks to Get Shit Done

Listening to something while you work or study can be helpful for a load of reasons. Personally, music not only removes the noise and distraction that surrounds me but also gives me some rhythm and momentum. I’m usually writing, so I opt for music that doesn’t have lyrics – they distract me way too much. I like soundtracks, you know, tracks from Hans Zimmer and the likes which just give off epic vibes. Even so, there was one soundtrack I was pointed towards a few years ago which seems to help me get shit done faster than anything else on Spotify; the soundtrack from Far Cry 3:

Now, there’s plenty of science out there to show music can be your friend when trying to get work done. Even more interesting is the thought that game soundtracks can boost your focus even more. When you play a computer game, the music is designed to keep you driven, focused and in a space where you can solve problems.

Like, if you’re a gamer just remember the last time you were stuck trying to solve a puzzle and didn’t want to go to bed until it was sorted. All the while, in the background, engaging music is discreetly playing to keep you focused. Just imagine treating a work problem with the level of focus you give to unlocking a door in Broken Sword or Monkey Island (two personal favourites).

Quick sidenote on how much of a big deal gaming music has become. They even have dedicated concerts, one of we I went along to a while back and was blown away by:

Second half of #videogameslive kicking off at #idig2016 with #residentevil

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I digress.

The Best Game Soundtracks to Get Shit Done

Now that you’re totally convinced you can take over the world, but only if you have the right soundtrack, here are some belters to help get shit done.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Created by Aussie synth duo Power Glove, this soundtrack is a massive throw back to pulse-racing 80’s synth music. To be honest, if I left the list here and called it quits with just this track, you’d be getting more work done than ever. Go ahead and enjoy this collection of synth bangers building up and jumping into life:

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo is an iconic game that defined the Xbox as a console that could finally stand toe to toe with Sony’s PlayStation. The soundtrack that accoompanied this pivitol moment in gaming was equally epic adding incredible context to far away worlds:

FTL: Faster than Light

Hands up. I’ve never played this but I’ve seen plenty of people recommend the Faster than Light soundtrack for getting shit done:

Streets of Rage II

This could have gone to any Streets of Rage game. I can’t remember any soundtrack that better held my attention than Streets of Rage. That change when the boss came in, the movie-style synth and the rhythm that just kept you going.

Just try not to jump up and start beating people with pipes:

Did I miss something really obvious here? I’m sure there have been games with belter soundtracks, the likes of FIFA and Gran Turismo coming to mind. However, when it comes to distraction-free yet motivaional tunes, I think these are some of the best. If I did miss one, let us know below.



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