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If you’ve been counting down the days to the new FIFA 16 game, just like we have, there is a new scratch for that itch.

Today saw the launch of the FIFA 16 demo on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The launch of the demo, is really like pre-season in the real world of football. The FIFA 16 demo allows you to get in some important match practice before the big launch later this month. It also gives you a first look at some of the newest game features.

FIFA 16 FUT Draft

One of the biggest new features is FUT Draft. Here you pick your players in a draft style prior to going up against a competitor. The more you play the more you win. The cool thing here, is you get have a chance to test drive some of the games harder to get players. Here’s how our first draft team was to line up against Inter Milan.

Breaking our FIFA 16 duck

Following a bore 0-0 draw El Classico to open up the game, we test drove the draft mode pitting us against Inter Milan. Here is the Match of the Day recap.

12th minute

It’s opening day nerves. We concede a free kick on the edge of the centre circle. Doesn’t look like much of a threat before Inter pull out a worldy and an early goal of the season contender to put them 1-0 up. Nervous times in the Goos3D Cave.

41st minute

After a nervy start, the lads win the ball back in their own half. Posession quickly advances forward before the ball lands at Messi’s feet. A brief run, dummy and shimmy later and the Goos3D lads are back on level terms with Inter. It’s game on now Ger.

46th minute

To give Inter a taste of their own medicine, a rather inconspicuous free kick just inside the half sets up to Goos3D boys for a set piece, right from the training ground. Just like a Conor Salmon out of water, Messi gets a deft touch to lobbed free, doing just enough to take it past the keeper.

65th minute

A hearty tackle from Wolfsburgs Brazilian centre half, Naldo, sparks a great move, culminating in the completion of Messi’s hat trick, and consolidating the Goos3D lads lead at 3-1.

70th minute

No better example to show that the lads had settled into this game could be found above this cracking team goal. Ter Stegen starts the move with a simple pass. This is followed by 8 more passes, before Pastore smashes home a fantastic team goal to seal the victory with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Final Whistle – Goos3D 4 : 1 Inter Milan

In what became an exciting match, Goos3D’s first FUT draft team were run away victors. A belter opening goal from Inter may have rattled the lads, but showings of both fantastic team efforts and individual brilliance saw the victory out in the end. All that was left was for Messi to collect his first match ball of the FIFA 16 season.

FIFA 16: First Impressions

FUT Draft seems like it could be a bit of craic, while allowing you to earn coins and cards with players you used only dream of! The gameplay itself feels more natural too, with the shooting system taking a little getting used to. The “fancy dan” R1/RB pass seems to have been done away with too, but we’re sure we just need to learn the new controls.

All in all the demo has done little to whet our appetite, leaving us salivating for more rather than actually scratching the itch.

The FIFA 16 demo is now available for download from the Xbox Live and PlayStation store. FIFA 16 will launch its full version on September 22nd.

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