Fallout 4: PipBoy App

fallout 4 pipboy

Immersion in games is set to increase with the advent of virtual reality, but Bethesda are trying relatively new waters too with the Fallout 4 PipBoy app which is now available on Android and iOS with a version planned for Windows Mobile soon too.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, the main character of Fallout wears a data and communication device on his arm known as a PipBoy. The PipBoy contains info on your missions, maps, what you’re carrying and radio stations from the area your character is in.

As if we needed more excitement ahead of a game launch we’ve covered a few times already, Bethesda have only gone a created an app that syncs up with your gaming platform, meaning you can have your very own PipBoy. We’ve run through the main features below with the PipBoy in demo mode, but it’s a free app so if your interested just go download it!

If you’ve got a mate with a 3D printer, maybe talk nicely to him about helping out with this effort we’ve found on Instructable.


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