The Irish online media landscape has exploded in recent years with various sites catering to various different tastes. If sports is your primary interest then are the guys you’ll need to follow.

Founded in 2010, have “carved out a niche in the Irish media landscape by delivering a new type of sports coverage”. bring you the latest news using modern mediums such as gif or Twitter. In a hilarious recent example, they compared the Twitter accounts of Chelsea and Stoke who were live tweeting updates on their Premier League clash. This is typical of the site, providing news while having a bit of craic at the same time.

To expand their base a bit more and to provide a better mobile experience, recently released an Android and iOS app, making it even easier to keep up to date with the latest sporting action, although claims that it will improve your life 110% seem to be based in speculation.

We’re going to turn back the clock a bit here, but this is by far our favourite post over the years. Ireland’s EA FIFA World Cup 2014 Odyssey from TheGaffer on Vimeo.

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