The very worst things in life deserve to be laughed about at some stage. While the year 2077 made headlines for all the wrong reasons, we can now also celebrate the steaming dumpster fire that was 2020 in game form.

What Is 2020 Game?

2020 Game is a trip down memory lane for the year that was 2020. It starts with the Australian bush fires and immediately makes you say “oh yeah, that was 2020 too”. Yep, that was 2020 too. Take a second to appreciate that. From there you go through it all from Black Lives Matter to the US Presidential elections. It also includes some references to something called COVID-19, what ever that was.

A 5G mast spreading COVID-19. 2020 Game nails the madness

Why Did We Need 2020 Game?

2020 Game is the brainchild of Max Garkavyy. Actually, I need to build that up just a little but more. It’s the first game Max has ever developed. He currently works in a boring office job and created this game in his free time over six months. He’s mulling over whether or not he should go full on Mr. Anderson and quit big corporate to follow his dreams.

I think he should do it and I’ll tell you why.

2020 was a shit show. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But here we are, just 14 days into 2021 and Max has created a game that made me laugh about the worst year in recent memory. And I mean it was full on deep belly laughs at being stuck in quarantine in a game and running away from a 5G mast spreading COVID-19, again whatever that is.

Back in the day, I studied history. One of my lecturers was great at bringing up alternative sources. Moving away from the books he looked at the movies to learn more about what was happening in society. Personally, I think 2020 Game is something we could look back at in a few years and relive the worst year ever with a smile on our faces.

Play 2020 Game now on your laptop or your smartphone. The only rule is that if you laugh you have to donate to Max’s fund so he can go live his dream.

P.S: I better mention that it was my friend Rodrigo that sent me this or I’ll never hear the end of it. Go listen to his band on Spotify.

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