Do you remember Ren and Stimpy being on continuous loop prior to the launch of TV3?

Pat Kenny of UTV Ireland
Pat Kenny was one of UTV Ireland’s big signings. Image courtesy of Photocall Ireland

Today marks the launch of UTV Ireland, a brand new channel dedicated to the island of Ireland. Try and look past the anti-climactic launch show that is Emmerdale and see the though potential of UTV Ireland launching. TV3 may lose the rights to mid-week European football and we never have to listen to their god awful commentators.

With all this in mind, itโ€™s not much good unless you can tune your TV to show UTV Ireland! Fortunately, tuning in modern Saorview TVs is rather straight forward. The video below explains in detail, exactly how to tune your TV or Saorview box in to receive UTV Ireland, or any channel for that matter.

Things kick off over on UTV Ireland at 7.25pm, with a five minute intro prior to Emmerdale. For Sky viewers, tune to channel 116, UPC viewers, channel 110, eVision viewers, channel 108 and Saorview viewers will find UTV Ireland on channel 6 after following the above videos instructions.

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