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Riese and Müller Charger 3: Ireland’s Top Selling E-bike

riese and muller charger 3 review
How we get around is changing. With people seeking out public transport alternatives, and even alternatives to their car, we're looking at new modes of transport. While it's hopeful a new government will legalise electric scooters, for those looking for something a little bit more familiar, e-bikes are a great solution. Thanks to the team over at Green Aer,...

What Are E-bikes? An Introduction

E-bikes are growing in popularity both in Dublin and nationwide. With the environment and health at the top of people's mind, alternatives to both cars and public transport are much sought after. Without any previous experience with e-bikes, I set out to learn more about them. In the process, I met with Green Aer in Dublin to...

Can You Trust Revolut’s Open Banking?

revolut open banking
Today, Revolut launched Open Banking. I've been scrolling through the reaction on Twitter and it appears to be lukewarm at best. Privacy is a big issue for most customers, but what is Open Banking and can you trust Revolut with extra data? What is Revolut? Revolut is one of the world's leading online-only banks. With over ten million customers worldwide and...

New Government To Legislate For Electric Scooters and E-bikes

electric scooters to be legalised in ireland
Well, there's a headline I've been looking forward to writing. After months without a government and no sign of what one may look like, a programme for government is pending sign off with Fine Fail, Fine Gael and The Green Party. Within this programme are some key policies that I'm keen to keep a close eye on. Personally, seeing...

LIFX Beam Review: Actual Smart Lights

LIFX beam review
For years, I've liked the potential of smart lights. Like, they should be awesome but using your phone to turn on and off a light is a bit crap. You've got to be smart about how you use your smart light. Honestly, this review gets easier to understand as we go. I've been testing out the LIFX...

PlayStation 5 Launching In Ireland: Your Questions Answered

ps5 launch in ireland
It's coming. PlayStation 5 will be launching in Ireland this year. Exciting right? Ahead of Sony's next-gen console launching in Ireland, here's everything you need to know about PlayStation 5. We'll be updating this post in future too. PS5: Key Specs CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable...

Reddit Ireland: Irish Subreddit To Close During Late Hours

irish reddit closing
Owing to "growing levels of targeted abuse, hatred, and racism on Reddit" moderators of the subreddit r/ireland have made the decision to close the subreddit during temporarily between midnight at 8 am GMT every day. Reddit is an American social news aggregation and discussion website. The site is divided into popular subreddits and, as you might imagine, one of the...

Is Vodafone Down? Reports Of Mobile Network Issues In Ireland

is vodafone down
Vodafone Ireland is currently experiencing a network issue. So if you can't call or access the internet from your smartphone, we'll there's your reason. We are currently experiencing an interruption to our mobile services in some parts of the country, Our service teams are currently working on resolving this issue and we will provide updates here. We thank you for your...

Influencers In The Wild Page To Close

influencers in the wild to close
Over the past six months, a rather enjoyable page appeared on Instagram. It's called Influencers in the Wild. However, after some doxing within the past few days, the man behind the profile has decided to shut it down for the time being What Is Influencers In The Wild? You've seen them....

Facebook Portal Review: A Photo Frame Connecting Your Family

facebook portal review
We've all been adapting to a new way of life. One of the things we've had to adapt is how we all stay connected. I've been testing out the Facebook Portal for the past few weeks when chatting with family. Here's what you need to know about it. Keeping Connected While Staying Apart