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The Platform: An Unfortunately Apt Look At Modern Society On Netflix

the platform on netflix
I've just finished watching The Platform. It resonates to an uncomfortable level given the headlines we see now on a daily basis. I'm not going to be writing a spoiler-free review. Instead, I'm taking a closer look at the movie through the lens of the Covid-19 crisis. What is The Platform about? The Platform is a new Spanish language movie on...

Drive To Survive Season 3 Review: Is It Worth Watching?

drive to survive season 3
Sebastian Vettel is asked about the 2020 season so far and why it's going so badly. "We don't have that much time to be honest. Next question". The Formula One season was something special. It felt like we shouldn't have had a season at all with everything going on, but as they say - "Cash is King". Against all...

The Package: A Terrible Idea That Makes a Semi-Decent Movie

the package netflix review
A Netflix Original movie all about the journey to save a man’s penis after a terrible accident on a hiking trip. That’s the premise of The Package, although to be honest, I’m making it sound quite serious there. A group of teens go hiking and drinking when one of the guys lops his lad off with a knife. Yup,...

Disenchantment: Slow Starting Animated Fantasy Gets Better

new on netflix disenchantment
Matt Groening has a pretty respectable track record. He created, The Simpsons is a record-breaking hit, though many argue it’s past its best for quite a few years now. Groening is also the mastermind behind Futurama, a show which I personally believe has even more staying power than The Simpsons. With many years of network TV animation success under...

Insatiable: Is This Netflix’s Most Controversial Show Yet?

insatiable review
The name of the show didn't give too much away when it popped up in my Netflix suggestions. A quick Google search told me that the show's creator also worked on one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Dexter. That bought Insatiable by attention and here's what I've thought so far. Note - I'm still watching and am only about halfway...

How Real is the “Magic” in Magic for Humans?

magic for humans
There are two ways to watch TV shows about street magic. You either switch your brain off and enjoy or sit there in a paranoid state trying to work out every single trick. I'm the latter because before I watched David Blaine and Dynamo, I watched Val Valentino revealing magician secrets on RTÉ 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2zuxnEDyjM So that's why I watched the...