TBT: Messed up Goosebumps Episodes

Ah sure with a name like Goosebumps (or Goos3bumps), of course we have a special place in our heart for this epic oldie kids horror show. Have you ever noticed certain things are a little more messed up when you look back through grown up eyes?

Thanks to YouTube, none of those disturbing Goosebumps episodes will be lost forever. Here’s the round up.

Say Cheese and Die

First of all, yes that is indeed Ryan Gosling.

Second of all, this is pretty heavy for kids, as a group of friends find a camera that leads to the deaths of those whose picture is captured.


Welcome to the Dead House

Ah the classic murderous zombie storyline, but in a children’s show. Sure what else would you want.


It Came from Under the Sink

The Irish people have been through a lot and generally we’re quite tough. However, an evil vampire potatoe is enough to have the toughest of the Irish just into the arms of Mammy.


The Girl Who Cried Monster

Finally, this was a truly terrifying episode. Your grownup not believing you about your greatest fear and you being right. Lord above was there anything more terrifying? Well except maybe the librarian monster dude…*shudder*


There are LOADS of Goosebumps episodes on YouTube. Think we missed out on one? Or what gave you sleepless nights? Let us know.

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