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In excess of 85% of women currently wear a bra that doesn’t fit properly, which naturally causes discomfort and can lead to medical or self esteem issues. Judy and Tiny van Niekerk of The Digital Bra spoke with us at the recent Web Summit in Dublin, about her startup currently featured on Kickstarter, which aims to tackle this problem.

With a philosophy that every woman’s shape and size is as unique as their fingerprints. Currently, choosing a bra is based upon 3 measurements, which often leads to the incorrect choice being made, a choice that leads to bras being to big and not offering enough support or too tight, cutting into the skin. The Digital Bra seeks to remove that decision making process for women.

Aimed at the 85% of women who choose the incorrect bra size, the digital bra uses your smartphone’s camera to scan your body shape, taking in over 120 measurements instead of the 3 noted during traditional measuring. These measurements are then sent to the team at The Digital Bra who will in return offer you a best suiting choice of garmets which can ship to you within 2-3 weeks, bearing in mind they are hand made.

the digital bra irisThe use of technology does not stop with the measurement process. Xstatic is a material containing 99.99% silver. This material is micro-bacterial which reduces the number of times the garment must be wash while also remaining odor resistant. The material also regulates temperature ensuring further improvements to the comfort. Van Niekerk believes that while the bra is extremely comfortable and functional, the “pastel colours” chosen by the team ensure the Digital Bra remains a “beautiful, attractive and sexy bra”.

the digital braGiven the importance of protecting data in a connected world, we raised our concerns with The Digital Bra’s team about women needing to pose naked in front of the camera. Rest assured, the images are never captured or saved images. Instead, the 2D cameras are used to capture a 3D “mesh” file. It is this mesh file which is shared with the garment making team, ensuring your privacy is safe at all times.

Given the requirement to have a friend or partner assist with the capture of the measurements, we queried “would women be too self conscious to have someone helping?”. “We’ve spoken with plenty of women, particularly those in their thirties and they are just so tired of their bra not fitting, they don’t care what they have to do to get a comfortable bra!”

The Digital Bra is currently in the Kickstarter phase, meaning you can get on board and pick up a discounted Digital Bra.

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