Supermac’s, Google and All Ireland Sunday: People Go Mad for Snackboxes

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Did you feel it? During the All Ireland Final and the homecoming celebrations? You must have, surely? It’s that uncontrollable urge to go a Smokey Bacon Burger and maybe even a cheeky muffin and ice-cream from Supermac’s. That, my friends, is the power of sports sponsorship.

People Went Mad Searching for Supermac’s

We took our time in looking at this because Google’s data takes a few days to settle. Unlike the Galwegian population the data has settled and now we can finally dive into the psyche of Ireland on one of the biggest sporting dates on the calendar.

Using Google Trends, we looked at both average search volume and day-by-day search volume for the term “Supermac’s” during the weeks build up to the All Ireland Final. After a quick bit of research on the GAA website for key match dates, it became fairly clear that when Galway play matches, interest in Supermac’s increased.

Here are the key dates to check out on that graph:
  • 3 September – All Ireland Hurling Final
  • 6 August – All Ireland Hurling Semi-final
  • 2 July – Leinster Hurling Final
  • 18 June – Leinster Hurling Semi-final

These key days on the hurling calendar saw the greatest volume of searches for Supermac’s as the Galway jersey reminded people how much they wanted a Smokey Bacon Burger. I know for a fact that I was one of those people.

All Ireland Sunday saw demand for Supermac’s grow 104% above average. This was followed by the Leinster Semi-final with a demand 92% above the norm. Both the Leinster Final and All Ireland Semi-final rounded off the top three, both drawing an 84% increase in interest for Supermac’s.

Supermac’s Took Over Social Media

Not only were people Googling Supermac’s like crazy, they were tweeting and hashtagging it up too. The western fast food chain topped out at fourth spot of All Ireland Sunday Twitter trends:

And people were genuinely concerned for the staff in Eyre Square:

Apparently, they ran out of chicken at one stage but there are no tweets to support that. Nobody was in a fit state sure.

That’s the stunning impact GAA advertising can have on the people of Ireland. Now, go get yourself a Smokey Bacon Burger. You know they deliver right?




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