Is Showbox now available for iPhone?

Having a regular flick through the iTunes charts is part and parcel of keeping up to date with what’s going on, but a recent browse turned up an old friend; Showbox.

Showbox was an app we introduced you to way back at the beginning of Goos3D, but we were also quick to highlight that it operated in the shadiest of grey areas to bring you the very latest movies and TV shows. Android users rejoiced as iOS users accepted they were being left behind. Two years later, and Showbox has appeared in the iTunes store, so that’s good news right?

Showbox in iOS top 20Unfortunately no. While we haven’t downloaded the app, something seems rather shady about it. First of all, they are charging €4.99 to download, which immediately screams scam to me. Secondly, while the initial Showbox app brought the latest movies and TV shows, this one claims instead to bring you the latest trailers and to “help you to manage your movies life easily”. No commitment is made to streaming movies to your phone, as I believe the app has no intention to do so.

Normally, you would thing that most would avoid this kind of paid-app like the plague, but unfortunately, it’s already sitting in the top twenty paid iOS apps. The final element which raises suspicion is the fact that Apple are extremely strict with what apps make it through to the store. I can’t imagine for a second they let a movie streaming app through the gates, and if you wan’t my opinion, avoid this like the plague.

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