Order Frozen Yoghurt Online…honestly

You ever been sitting at home thinking, “man I would love to order frozen yoghurt online”? Well the greatest culinary development since Moonpie is here. What a time to be alive.


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While we apologise that this is currently limited to the Dublin City area, this is just too big a development to not give it some air time.

Mooch Frozen Yoghurt of Dawson Street now allow you to order yourself some of their amazing frozen yoghurt online. Of course the highlight here is they will deliver it straight to your gaff! Hungover you of the future is so damn happy you are reading about this right now. Future you, loves you.

It’s not necessarily cheap, but also not extortionate considering the well know medicinal qualities inherent within froyo. Your standard cup will cost you €4.50 with each topping coming in at an extra 50 cent each. They have a ridiculous amount of toppings too, ranging from sour worms, Haribo, melted Kinder Buenos and Orange KitKats to blueberries, strawberries, bananas and raspberries.

Here at Goos3D, we love ice cold sour worms…don’t judge us.

What happiness looks like! #Mooch #Froyo #Frogurt #Toppings #SweetTreats #Happiness #Friday Treats #Goodness

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So the next time the other half is giving you the hairdryer treatment, just chance getting the phone out and ordering this to the front door. This willdiffuse bombs!

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