Top 6 tech gadgets that could be the perfect Mothers Day gift ideas

mothers day gift ideas

Want to know how to surprise your Mum this Mother’s Day? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best Mothers Day gift ideas.

Smart Herb Garden

Going to the famers market every day to buy fresh herbs is a pain for many mothers. Save them time and buy them a Smart Herb Garden. It’s an innovative way to grow living, edible plants in the kitchen. It doesn’t require a lot of work either. Just buy the cartridges, plug in the garden kit and grow! You can have fresh strawberries, tomatoes or chillies every day. It’s only €55 on

Aeropress coffee maker

Is your mother always on the go? Then, AeroPress is the crucial coffee maker for her. Mums can easily pack it in their bags and take it to-go. All they need is ground coffee and hot water and you’re making coffee instantly.
You can get if for less than €30 from Amazon and it is a must-have for busy mornings.

TrackR Monitoring System

You know how mums tend to be over caring about how not to lose things. This TrackR lets her know where valuables are always. The TrackR is easily attachable to valuable items, then using the dedicated app you can “locate any lost or misplaced items in seconds by ringing your missing keys, using TrackR’s Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS.”

Now she’ll never lose anything again but did always have St. Anthony to back her up. You can pick up a TrackR in Currys for only €27.

Apple Watch

This might be what exactly your mother is looking for. The Rose-Gold Apple Watch can track her fitness, calendar, and do so many other productive stuff.

Check out Apple’s online Irish Store where you can buy it for around €350.

Kate Spade Connected Purse

Fashion meets tech! Of course, we’ve looked at fashion and tech before – we’re no strangers.

Does your mum run out of battery power in the middle of the day? No worries, you can get your mother a purse to charge her phone. The purse themselves are never plugged into a power socket. Instead, it’s rested on a charging mat, which sends energy wirelessly into a battery inside. Prices will range from €190 to €690.

mothers day gift ideas

Philips Wake-up Light

As your mum is busy and waking up very early in the morning, she deserves to wake up in the best possible way.The Philips Wake-up Light is inspired by nature’s sunrise. THe device uses a combination of lights and sounds to wake you up in a more natural way. If you want her to have a great day, it needs to start with a good morning.

The light is only €80 and you can get it from Amazon.

If you’re really struggling and it’s the last minute, don’t rule out online gift cards. They can be a life saver.

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