Lynk Promo Code: Free Taxi for May 25th Referendum

It’s not long to go now until the nation goes to the polls. Personally, I’ll be voting yes. I’ve finally bit the bullet and moved my vote to Dublin after many years of travelling to vote and checked the register to find my new polling station. Turns out I would probably be able to throw my vote from my gaff land it into the polling station, but for many others, it’s not that simple. Fortunately, the great people over at Lynk have a solution.

Free Taxis on May 25th

To encourage as many people as possible to use their vote, Lynk is offering customers a free taxi ride worth up to €10 on May 25th. If you’re a little farther away, you’ll get a tenner off your final bill.

So if your polling station is a bit of a drive, now you’ve no excuse. Download Lynk, pop in your details and off you go.

Lynk Promo Code: Claim Your Free Ride

To claim your free Lynk ride to the polling stations simply download the Lynk app, pop in your details, including your payment details and finally add in the unique promo code for the referendum: #LynkToVote – it looks like that hashtag symbol is required!

Hat tip to Nicola on Twitter who pointed this out.

If you’re still undecided, I’d ask you head on over to Facebook and the “In Her Shoes” page. It’s not easy reading because the page tells the very real stories of women affected by the 8th Amendment. I make no secret of my hopes for a Yes vote but more I ask you do vote. It’s super important you exercise your right to do so and hopefully, if you’re in the Dublin area, Lynk can make that just a little bit easier.

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