Inkhunter brings your tattoo ideas to life


When you decide to get inked, there’s a fair chance you’ve trawled through dozens, if not hundreds, or tattoo ideas. Even when you whittle that list of ideas down, you’re likely to be left with a fair few options. The only thing scarier that knowing someone will be injecting ink into your skin permanently is the thought you might regret it.

Inkhunter is the perfect app to bring your tattoo ideas to life without any of these risks.

What does Inkhunter do?

Ah, the beauty of augmented reality. Despite having a name you shouldn’t say too fast, Inkhunter is a fantastic example of how technology can help you during every big milestone in your life. Now that you have a tattoo idea, Inkhunter can use augmented reality to show you how that will look on you.

tattoo-ideas-in-real-time-with-inkhunterMany already use augmented reality on a daily basis when they use Snapchat filters. Actually, Inkhunter works on the same basic principal to Snapchat filters. The app uses your camera to locate an anchor point on your arm. In this case, the anchor point is a smiley face drawn by pen. You then position the smiley face within the viewfinder with the app. You’re then shown what your tattoo would look like on you. Feel free to take a picture, adjust the size or slide across the screen to get a black and white shot.

Where do Inkhunter get their tattoo ideas?

The app comes preloaded with some pretty awesome work from artists around the world. If you are starting with a blank canvas, there’s plenty here to inspire you. However, should you have a hand drawn sketch, you can easily upload it to the app.

Tattoo Ideas in Inkhunter from Steffan NeuberHere’s one we uploaded from German tattoo artist Steffen, hailing from Lowrider INK. Once you have the sketch, simply upload to the app (or take a picture of it). You can make adjustments which will remove the paper the sketch is drawn on, resize the image and even move it around.

Why is Inkhunter a good idea?

Well, tattoos are pretty much for life. Inkhunter is a free app that lets you test out what that ink will look like on your body. You wouldn’t buy a car without a quick test drive right? There’s no harm in test driving your tattoo. Thanks to augmented reality, you can try on that tattoo idea and make sure it fits.


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inkhunter-preview-tattoo-ideasInkhunter is a great app that delivers exactly what it says it will. If you look really closely, you will see that some tattoo previews actually run off your arm. It's a simple overlay app, but we imagine this will grow as the app develops. Quite simply, if you are planning a tattoo, this is free - why are you still in the thinking phase?

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