Global Irish Design Challenge now on in Dublin Castle

Currently exhibiting in Dublin Castle’s Coach House is the Global Irish Design Challenge Exhibition. The Global Irish Design Challenge stems from a desire to seek out designers and innovators seeking out solutions to problems faced by humanity. The solutions are largely influenced by reinventing and remaking. We’d like to think this is fuelled in part by the worldwide Maker Movement we recently covered. We visited the exhibition to bring you our favourite three designs.

Float by Perch

Float by Perch at the Global Irish Design ChallengeFor most who have ever worked in an office, you’re likely to have an opinion on the choice of chair. As if work isn’t torture enough, the powers that be often have you sitting in something similar to that of a medieval torture chamber. Fortunately, the team at Perch answered the call of the Global Irish Design Challenge.

Float is designed to improve your workplace interpersonal space. Float enables groups to come together in a naturally forming group with inter-connected seating allowing space and neutral work space. The exhibition doesn’t really do the product justice, as there is only one, but you can sit down and try it out.

Logitech G by Logitech and Design Partners

Logitech Gaming Gear at Global Irish Design Challenge ExhibitionFor years, the debate has raged between console and computer gamers as to who enjoys the better experience. Console gamers generally have a bigger playing pool as consoles remove a lot of barriers, but PC gamers have the power and ability to upgrade. PC gamers also have the Marmite decision of controller versus mouse.

All things considered, Logitech decided to cash in on the massive industry of PC gaming and the company benefited from 25% year-on-year growth in sales owing largely to gaming products such as mice, headsets and keyboards. This success is largely attributed to Design Partners work, described in the exhibition as a “seamless integration of advanced technology, game-specific ergonomics and visceral beauty”.

You can check out more on Logitech from our previous look at their awesome MX Mouse. by

Not everyone still has a milkman these days. The system of having milk delivered to your house is largely inefficient and can lead to hairy babies. is a service like Hailo, Uber or JustEat for Milk. After years of losing milkmen around the country, many likely don’t even know who they should call now and just drive to the shops. allows you to enter your area and find local milkmen. You then enter your details, such as milk needs and address, browse your milkman’s options and create an order. Your order will then reoccur weekly with a bill coming into your email once a week – avoiding the need for cash on the doorstep (if you like). You can read more on how the system works over on the website.

There are loads more of exhibitions on show, including this cool music instrument you can interact with on Twitter.

We’ve shot a 360 view of the exhibition which runs until 27th of August, but this is only a teaser of what is a great insight into design and understanding end-users. We urge you to pop along to see the exhibition, which is free after all.

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