Four annoying things about websites


In the past, we looked at some of the most annoying things about websites that everyone comes across on the web. We’re going a step further to show it’s not just us. Niall Doran is the founding editor of Irish based international boxing site, Boxing News and Views. Here are a few things that get on his nerves.

Four annoying things about websites

Firstly, let me preface this article by saying I do not want to come across as over critical here. As a guy who runs a sports website, I know the frustrations of managing and running a site all too well. But it’s for that reason I wanted to get four quick things off my chest. Honestly, I don’t know how these things still happen online in 2016.

Pop-Up Advertisements

We’ve all seen them and it’s quite shocking that they still exist at the time of writing this, but they do. Nothing is more annoying, especially on your smartphone, that an ad popping up. This is some brand shoving an advert in your face, blocking what you want to read. It’s not like you were there looking for the ad either. These ads are often hard to close on mobile too. The good news is online content creators have to change their ways. Google are expected to start punishing websites using these ad types in 2017.

No consideration for mobile users

You may have noticed that most websites look lovely on your smartphone. That’s because the mobile web is fast becoming the majority of the web. A recent US study showed we use that little device in our pocket, on average, 10 hours a day.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the whole day when you factor in sleep.

It still amazes me how difficult some websites are to use on my phone. Surely, 2017 will be the year that website owners get this. Everywhere.

annoying things about websitesGrammar and Spelling

No one is perfect. Although I’m a journalist, I openly admit that I make the odd typo or grammatical error from time to time. But some of the stuff out there is ridiculous. While it is not as bad as a pop-up ad, finding websites with consistently poor grammar and spelling is annoying. It shows a lack of consideration for the reader.

General Lack of Effort

This is probably my biggest gripe and as an avid sports fan, I see it happen on some sites that I actually enjoy. In my opinion, consistency is everything in good site. One day an outstanding piece of content. The next day, someone has copied and pasted a press release. I think to myself, “what’s happened there?”

Sure, websites like everything else are a business and everyone has to make a living. We are all stuck for time, but rushed work is never good journalism and never well be.

Even in today’s fast-paced modern world we now live in. If there’s something that annoys you when browsing the web, let us know in the comments section below.

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