Crowdfunded: DistractaGone helps with your smartphone addiction


You definitely know at least one person who suffers from smartphone addiction. It’s a rare occasion you can look around a restaurant and not see “that couple”. You know the ones -refusing to talk to each other, staring at their smartphones. DistractaGone is a new Kickstarter campaign setting out to cure smartphone addiction.

How does DistractaGone help with smartphone addiction

The DistractaGone builds on a principal you may have seen at some table quizzes. To stop cheating, smartphones get popped into a pint glass. To stop anti-social smartphone use in general, the DistractaGone provides a safe, distraction-free space to lock away your smartphone.


Once you pop your smartphone, and up to 4 smartphones in total, you select how long you want to lock the DistractaGone for. Once you close the box, there’s no opening it. The designers appear to have deliberately omitted any form of an emergency button to open the DistractaGone. The box really does mean you have to go cold turkey from your smartphone addiction.

How much does it cost to get involved

You can back DistractaGone on Kickstarter from €5. The first level of support that will get you a DistractaGone unit costs €35.


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