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Link Bubble Logo (image courtesy of the Google Play Store)

So we have all seen those terrible infomercials where one guy stands there with a garden hose that expands and contracts as needed while saying “this hose has changed my life”. To be honest, this is not a great example as the X-hose is awesome.

Anyway, it’s the terrible and blatantly scripted advertisements for the mundane which led me to be skeptical about Link Bubble. The reviews and reactions had claimed this app would revolutionize how the mobile user interacts with information online. My skepticism was poorly placed.

Link Bubble prides itself on stream lining your existing browsing experience without interfering too much. Take your current Facebook feed. By using Link Bubble, your feed and Facebook app remain the exact same, until you come to your favorite article or online news report shared by a mate. When you click the link, a bubble appears (much like the Facebook Chat Heads). You can continue to scroll down through your feed after clicking the link, while a circle rushes around the circumference of the recently established bubble on your screen. This process is effectively buffering the page behind the link, allowing you to continue your browsing – uninterrupted.

Info shot from Link Bubble (image courtesy of Google Play Store and Link Bubble).

When you are ready, you tap the bubble and the link loads. The idea here is that you can scan through your feeds and pick out the best bits, then flick through these at once, hence making your experience much faster and better. Also it will work with any feed or link while you are browsing, and can also set default apps to load certain links ( and Twitter were my first defaults to be set). Basically, the app kind of revolutionizes the way you interact with your mobile.

Link Bubble is available for free from the Google Play Store here, and is currently limited to Android. You can also purchase a premium version of the app, which in my opinion is worth it, though at slightly less than €3, it could be deemed a little steep.

Give it a try anyway and see if this new approach to browsing is up your alley.

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