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Laundrie App

There’s two things I really love in life. Websites that implement a witty domain name and not having to iron shirts. It’s little surprise that Laundrie (or grabs our app of the week title. We’ve test driven these dry cleaners to see what it’s all about.

What’s the big idea?

Ordering a takeaway is a pain, so we have and Justeat. Getting a taxi can be a bother so we have Hailo and Uber. Washing and ironing shirts is horrible and we’re really bad at it, so now we have Laundrie. Laundrie launched in June 2015 as founder Evan Gray was sick of missing the opening hours of laundrettes. Laundrie runs “till late” and offers turnaround for your laundry  in 48 hours, picked up and delivered at a location that suits you.

How does it work?

Laundrie AppWith beautiful simplicity. Once you download the app, which is currently limited to iOS, you can select between dry clean, wash and dry or popular which is a mix of the two previous groups. Basically, everything your local dry cleaner offers is on show here. Dry clean covers anything up to wedding dresses while wash and iron covers the shirts and the likes which should be popular with the Monday to Friday crowd.

We’d love to write up a couple of thousand words on the service, but it’s really simple. You pick out the garments you want cleaned, add them into your wash basket (a novel alternative to the cart). Once you’ve selected your pickup and delivery location and time you just wait for one of the helpful Laundrie team to come collect your items. They then bring it to a partner laundrette who’ll do the dirty work.

Is it a good service?

The shirts were taken from the office on time and brought back perfectly cleaned and pressed, also on time. The feeling of having everything done so easily and five shirts ready to go for the week ahead is a magic feeling. Also got myself a branded Laundrie bag to make things a little easier the next time I use the service. It was all as described and punctual which is a pivitol element of these on demand services. If you’re expecting your items to be collected at 12pm and they call at 3pm, you won’t be using them again. Thankfully this isn’t a problem with Laundrie.

Is it good value?

Laundrie 2For the service you’re getting it’s very good value. You’ll always have some people who argue “but sure isn’t cleaning them yourself cheaper” but that’s not who this is really for. You might be useless at ironing or maybe this is just the one part of your week to detest. The Laundrie service might be just for you once a month or so as a special treat. The fact you can arrange pick up and delivery to anywhere is extremely convenient. Also everyone will think your super posh when your laundrette is standing in reception waiting for you.

More is less in a way, as when you order over €20 you don’t pay any shipping costs – saving you €5 (why pay for shopping when you could just get an extra two shirts for €6?

Can I try Laundrie  on the cheap with a promo code?

Sure isn’t that the only reason you’re reading. Yes there is.

Once you are in Dublin and have access to an iOS device, you can head on over and try out the service. You’ll get a tenner off using LAUNDRIE as a coupon in the checkout. To put that in context for you, you can get five shirts and a pair of trousers sorted for €10 instead of €20. It’s worth a punt in our opinion.

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