App of the Week: Boast

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Ian Dempsey, Joe Brolly or Vogue Williams but just don’t have the platform to be heard? Boast just may be the app you’ve been waiting for.

Boast is an Android and iPhone app which provides you with a platform to have your voice heard, quite literally. Speaking recently at the Irish Pavillion of Expo in Milan, Edward Wallace of Boast described the app as being an “audio driven social network that’s been compared to Twitter“. You’re given 20 seconds to record your audio before it’s broadcast on your stream.

Your voice will then be heard by others on Boast. Your face when you listen back to your voice…

When hearing your own voice back

Prefer to stream video and audio to the masses rather than just audio? Try Periscope

Boast currently has some interesting streams, such as the celeb gossip focused “The Grapevine”, but also has a huge sporting following. As an Irish App, there is also a massive GAA following being encouraged by Eircom. So for the time you can’t make the pub to shite talk about the GAA, you can still get your fix over on the eircomGAA stream in Boast.

So do you feel like your opinions aren’t heard? Or maybe just that you need to get a rant off your chest that the Summer transfers for your club are crap.

Download Boast for iOS or Android now.

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