Amazon Music Unlimited: Spotify Alternative Now Available in Ireland

amazon music unlimited ireland

Back in December, we brought you the delightful news that Amazon was now officially supporting Alexa powered devices like the Echo and Echo Dot in Ireland. This meant you could actually download their Alexa app in the proper stores rather than having to sideload the app to your mobile device. Turns out, we were breaking an exclusive without even knowing it as Amazon just announced that they were officially shipping devices to Ireland along with a few more surprises.

Amazon Music Unlimited Now in Ireland – A Spotify Challenger

With prices aligning to that of Spotify, Amazon is now streaming music through their Amazon Music Unlimited service in Ireland. Amazon’s catalog of music spans 40 million songs which already would appear to be a round to the UK e-commerce giant. Spotify only has a catalog of 30 millions songs. Just 30 million, because you’ll really get around to listening to them all.

Regardless, many would consider Spotify to be unbeatable, but already Amazon is showing some promise. I won’t lie though, I’ve yet to really browse Amazon Music and see what they offer in comparison to Spotify. Imagine if they didn’t have The Rubberbands like!

Why Choose Amazon Music Unlimited?

Like I said, I’ve yet to dive into Amazon Music Unlimited, but if you already have a lot of Amazon devices like the Echo, it might be a good idea to keep the same ecosphere going. Apple users benefit from keeping everything in their lives having the same logo so maybe Amazon products and services will be the same? You’ll have to check back in to see if that’s true or not after I get some proper testing done.

Amazon Music Unlimited is available across a range of plans:

  • €9.99 for single users
  • €14.99 for a family plan (up to six users)
  • €3.99 for the Echo plan

The Echo plan literally gives you Amazon Music on just that one device which is grand for a dining room speaker. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to find out how I get on with this Spotify alternative.



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