Afraid you’ve forgotten someone’s Christmas present?

There is a certain fear that creeps into everyone on Christmas morning. As everyone sits around exchanging gifts you look at your brother and think – “what the jaysus did I get him?”. Now, chances are you just forgot what you bought him, but all the same you should just put yourself at ease by getting a gift tracking app like Christmas Gift List or the unfortunately titled Santa’s Bag.

There are a few apps around that allow you to track your gift purchases, but these are our two prefered choices for Android and iOS respectively. Christmas Gift List on Android is simple and too the point. You type in your list of family and friends, check it twice and then allocate a budget for each. You can detail what you plan to purchase and then mark it complete when you’ve picked it up. The app also has a stats section where you can review the damage!

Santa’s Bag is practically the same, but with huge array of options you are unlikely to need.

Ultimately, these apps are great for tracking your gifts and spends, saving you money and reducing the likelihood of you ruining Christmas. That’s always a plus right?

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