Apple Hump Case

Once upon a time, there was a man who tried to turn stone coal into gold, but he still wasn’t as big thinking as the guy who came up with a better battery life for your Apple iPhone.

Without the usual fanfare, Apple have released a new official accessory on their site this week. While we believe this lack of fanfare can be found in the denial complex Apple have towards their products awful battery life, the power case, similar to those Mophie ones no-one seems to sell in Ireland, can now be got for the ripe old sum of €119 on the Apple site.

Keeping things amazingly simple and refusing to go into any great spec on the site, Apple state that the official product will boost your handset’s internet usage time by 18 hours on 4G and video playback usage by up to 20 hours.

So there you have it, the solution to shite iPhone battery life. All you need to do is turn your iPhone into a weird looking turtle thing.

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