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vwMinIt’s happening! The mighty have fallen. In the same we be brought you news of the impending battle between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 5SE, news has emerged that Apple have fallen behind Google’s Alphabet as the world’s most valuable company.

Google’s parent company pipped Apple to become the world’s most valuable company, ending a four year reign enjoyed by the California smartphone manufacturer. Alphabet’s shares rose 4.7% as consumers and the markets react. Currently, Google’s parent group are valued at $548 billion while Apple trail at a measly $534 billion (poor dears). While the gap between the two giants is currently rather small, Deutsche Bank expect this gap to increase during the coming years.

araIt would appear the sharp rise in share price comes as a direct result of increased transparency of the Alphabet business. Alphabet only came into being in August as an umbrella term for Google, YouTube, Android and other various projects including Project Ara, self-driviyng cars, bio-tech and high speed internet.

Even more interesting is the fact that Alphabet intends to continue heavy investment in future tech development. On Monday, investors were made privy to accounts showing  long term bets versus core business. The main business, such as YouTube and the likes, pushes out an astonishing $66.5 million profit a day (JAYSUS). What’s referred to as “other bets”, or fancy new shiny toys, lost around $3.6 billion, but a dip down the many couches of the Docklands offices will surely turn up most of this money. At least they are investing their money in improvements, rather than becoming Illuminati-esque, living by their mantra of “don’t be evil”.

Since 2012, Apple enjoyed the title of most valuable company largly due to the return of Steve Jobs in 1997 when the company was in near collapse. Apple still remain largely successful, but worrying times are afoot as demand for the iPhone has waned massively, and share prices showing up to a 20% drop. With no big blockbusters on the horizon but the iPhone 5SE, it’s possible Apple could be in trouble.

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