New on Netflix: White Rabbit Project reunites Mythbusters

When in the history of television has a programme moved to online streaming and improved? Oh yeah, the whole Top Gear/Grand Tour thing – fair point. Well, it’s happening again with Netflix Original White Rabbit Project.

What is White Rabbit Project?

I learned more outside the classroom in my college days than sat inside lectures. Take away the time spent in The Stables of UL and you’re left with the time I spent watching Mythbusters. Here I learned the answers to life’s real problems that not just anyone could solve. They tested hangover remedies and learned how deep underwater you must be to be safe from gunfire. Remember, I was a student in UL – these are important answers.

the mythbusters team now on white rabbit projectMythbusters aired on Discovery for the last time in March 2016. Presenter Adam Savage started Tested while his lead-colleague opted for the quiet life. The rest of the Mythbusting team went onto Netflix Original, White Rabbit Project.

What can we hope to see from the former Mythbusters?

From the trailer, it does appear that this is Mythbusters on Netflix. Don’t read that negatively, as I for one am rather excited about White Rabbit Project. The show is produced by the Mythbusters producers. It’s hosted by Grant ImaharaTory Belleci and Kari Byron – the rest of the Mythbusters team. White Rabbit Project’s DNA is Mythbusters, which means it will be fantastic.

It’s fair to draw certain comparisons between Top Gear’s team moving to Amazon here. The move to online streaming removed the shackles for Clarkson, Hammond and May. Backed by Netflix, White Rabbit Project is likely to be Mythbusters on steroids. Early episodes will involve jailbreaks, superpower technology, heists and crazy world war two weapons.

When can we watch White Rabbit Project in Ireland?

Kari Byron from White Rabbit ProjectWhite Rabbit Project will premiere globally on Netflix for 9 December 2016. I only hope that they release all the episodes at once so I can commence the mother of all binges. Considering it’s a Netflix Original, you may also be able to download the series. Check out the appetiser trailer, before diving down the rabbit hole.

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