“With all this technology, you’d think we’d have a way to avoid traffic”, said someone. With Christmas upon us, hundreds of thousands will go shopping in Dublin. In the Company of Huskies are back for a second year with an updated answer to your shopping stress woes.

Is Dublin Busy? Sure how would I know?

Smart cities is a popular buzzword in the tech world these days. Monitoring junctions with cameras and sensors have grown increasingly popular. With swelling traffic volumes, such tech isn’t simply cool, it’s necessary. Better still, all these data is largely available to the public.

such tech isn’t simply cool, it’s necessary

In the Company of Huskies, is a Dublin-based digital creative agency with an eye for cool stuff. Their “Is Dublin Busy” info centre proved massively popular last year and should be the first thing you check when before shopping in Dublin. The info centre gives you a god-like overview of Ireland’s capital, assisting you in your shopping spree.is dublin busy live screenshots

Weapon of choice?

“Is Dublin Busy” starts out by asking you how you will be travelling around Dublin. Your selection will then bring you a wealth of related information. Should you be driving, you’ll be presented with live parking availability around the city. Going a step further, you can step into Big Brother’s shoes. View live traffic cameras for the route you’re planning to take and avoid horrible traffic bottle-necks.

O connel bridge traffic
Live traffic camera Dublin city centre

If cycling is more your thing, live Dublin bikes information will appear. Finally, should you choose public transport, the latest social media updates from Luas, Dublin Bus and Dart will be at your fingertips.

So, when’s the best time to go shopping in Dublin?

They’ve even answered that. In the Company of Huskies have also created a brilliant infographic showing when you should be plotting your assault on the shops.

best time to go shopping in dublin


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