If you liked Batman Arkham you’ll love Marvel Games

new avengers game from marvel games

The DC gaming universe has been fairly successful thanks to the likes of the Batman Arkham series created by Rocksteady. Marvel has obviously noticed the one gap in the market they haven’t already covered. Say hello to the thought of Marvel Games.

Marvel Games set to assemble

While they’ve developed their series of games through the LEGO franchise, Marvel is set to get a little darker. Enter Square Enix, the team behind the Final Fantasy series?

Just look at this teaser trailer:

Now correct me if I’m wrong but does that not sound like one Scarlett Johanson or is it just me? By the sounds and looks of things here, the games seem to have the real life Avengers cast on board. Even though it is only early days expect the voices of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr and co to be involved.

Rumours galore

At the moment this and tweets from both parties are all we have to go on. But, as a betting man, I reckon the deal to bring Spiderman in and the Marvel collaboration with Sony means the PS4 will be the first console to see anything from this agreement.

The plan at this point seems straight forward. First, adapt the immense Marvel universe into games over the next number of years beginning with The Avengers. The trailer suggests this logic is sound, but did you noticed the subtle drop of the wording “reassemble.” One would assume this means the series will begin post-Civil War and Pre Infinity War. These leaves it open for a standalone Spiderman, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy games in line with the Third Phase of the Marvel Project.

The gaming landscape

A few big budget games failing rather badly in the last holiday season. Assasins Creed a prime example. You would have assumed that publishers would start to change their investment strategy. But it seems that the success of Marvel related movies has given Square Enix confidence to invest heavily. I can partially understand the reasoning but games are not movies. The ongoing scourge of big budget game releases failing to make their money back is still an ongoing trend.

Sure look for now it’s all theory and pipedream but to be honest judging by the trailer this could be something big. If they use a similar multicharacter style gameplay to that of GTA V, this could be an absolute win. Go with the massive map as well to be on the safe side. The Marvel universe is a large one and full of interesting functional opportunities in terms of gaming, plus who could complain about seeing more of this.

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