PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Why Everyone Loves PUBG


It’s been a long time since a new game came onto the market that people flocked too. When Call of Duty first emerged, it quickly became the goto as the must-have multiplayer game. If you were a gamer, you had to have it. Well, this just happened again with a mental but little-known game called PUBG.

What is PUBG?

How do you explain it. PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shortened, is a single map fight to the death between 100 gamers. It’s as insane as it sounds too. Every single player starts each round of PUBG without any weapons, ammo or accessories. After a bizarre loading period where everyone just jumps around and unleashes pain on each other, the game starts with all 100 gamers, unarmed in a plane. The first decision you have to make is where you jump out on the 64 square kilometre map.

How Do You Win a PUBG Game Round?

PUBG is a battle royale. The goal is simple. Be the last man standing. Well, it’s simple to define the goal, not so simple to achieve it. In single player, that means you have to see off 99 other gamers. You can also play in Duo or Squad modes if that’s more to your liking. Once you’re the last gamer standing, you’ll get yourself a chicken dinner. This is a long-running quote from the game and something you’ll be familiar with if you like the movie 21.

What’s a PUBG Game Round Like?

Largely, how the round plays out is up to you. With some experience, you’ll learn what areas of the map are quieter at the start of a game round. Depending on your game style, you can parachute into a quiet area and loot buildings for weapons, ammo and accessories or go hell for leather in a busier area of the map. Just remember, you’ll start the round with nothing more than the clothes you picked out. If you bump into someone before you loot some weapons, you’ll be stuck with just your fists.

The weaspons themselves are even hilarious at times. The frying pan has become a fan favourite but it also protects you when holstered. Regardless, frying pan kills are most rewarding.

Now, there are two other pretty major things you need to know.

The Danger Zones

Every now and then red circles appear on the map. Within these circles, a geansai load of bombs will be dropping and killing loads of gamers, so best steer clear.

The Blue Wall

This is the most unique and best part of the game. About five minutes in, the 64 square kilometre map starts shrinking. This appears in the game as a blue wall or circle, closing in on the game area. If you’re caught outside the blue area, you’ll start slowing dying until you get back into the playable game area.

Is PUBG Fun?

This is the critical point. Gaming is about fun. I’ve played so many online games of COD and just felt shite after it because longtime gamers wipe the floor with me. Gaming isn’t my strong point. But one thing I love about PUBG is that the playing ground is level (not literally). Every round starts with equally equipped players. Sure, some are better than others, but there’s no special traits or equipment that puts you at a disadvantage.

Right now, PUBG is available for PC and Xbox, but be warned. PUBG is currently in early access. That means it’s a little buggy but also means it’s great value to nip in and pick up the game for €29.99. It’s currently the top selling game on Steam for PC gamers with just under 21 million players at the time of writing. That’s not even counting the number of Xbox gamers!

Finally, if you want to see how mental and fun PUBG really is, just check out the fan videos that are emerging. It’s fast becoming a phenomenon, so if you’re a gamer, you might want to start getting your Battlegrounds practice in.

Bonus: The PUBG Anthem




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