Nintendo Switch: Irish release date, price and more

Nintendo Switch Ireland launch

2016 saw plenty of games consoles rebooted, and not in the restart sense of the word. Microsoft delivered the Xbox One S, Sony the PlayStation 4 Pro and even Nintendo dropped the NES Classic. There was nothing new about any of these consoles. But just two weeks into 2017, we have the Nintendo Switch and boy is it different.

What has everyone talking about the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo broke the gaming mould and started from scratch with the Switch. Essentially, the biggest talking point and justification for the name is that it has two modes. The Nintendo Switch allows you to switch between playing at home or on the move. When it’s docked into the base, you can play Switch games on your TV. If you’re heading out, the whole system doubles up as a screen and controller. You can continue your game on the move and even have others join in. Personally, I love the linking together of consoles, but right now can you think of anyone else that will have one?

Here, it’s actually easier if you watch Nintendo’s launch promo clip.

One aspect of the Switch that’s causing a small bit of a stir is the battery life. Nintendo has stated the Switch will last for between two to six hours, depending on the game. This has received a mixed reaction from gamers. Is it a portable console you can dock, or a home console you can travel with.

What Nintendo Switch games have people excited?

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo launch without Link. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been announced as a launch title, so you’ll be able to get it from day one. If you’re lucky enough to get a console that is.

Other launch titles include Mario Kart, Just Dance and Bomberman. There’ll be a few more games focusing on showing off the Nintendo Switch’s unique talents, drawing on the talents of the console’s controllers. Unfortunately, this section is pretty small owing to the small library of launch titles.

Nintendo Switch controllers

This is another rather unique aspect of the console – the controllers. The Joy-Con controllers are capable of controlling a console in your sitting room or the local coffee shop. For some games, one Joy-Con controller even lets two people play. Every concept of the Nintendo Switch is just a bit mad and great.

As with most aspects of Nintendo’s latest venture, there is a catch. Joy-Con controllers are likely to set you back €80, making them a very costly peripheral indeed.

How much will the Nintendo Switch cost in Ireland?

GameStop, who are currently holding a pre-order for the Switch, have the console priced at €320. All you’ll need to part with is your first born, as this is likely to be a very popular console. Should your first born not hack it, you can also pick up a console in Smyths for the same price. If all else fails, Amazon should have a decent number of units to sell through.

When does it launch in Ireland?

The Nintendo Switch is hitting the streets 3 March, but be prepared to fight for it. These things will be gold dust soon enough.


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