Fallout 4: Limited Edition Xbox One Controller

fallout 4 controller

We’ve made no secret of our child-like excitement for the impending launch of Fallout 4, with mini games like Fallout Shelter doing little to quench our thirst for rad infected Nuka Cola. Bethesda would appear to be onto us, and are drip feeding the masses with small nuggets of nerdgasmic Fallout bits and bobs, such as a phone holding Pipboy which will be compatible with an in game mobile app.

Well they aren’t finished yet, as the latest piece of limited edition gear started appearing online today. Xbox One users would appear to be getting a limited edition Fallout 4 controller…behold the beauty…

Fallout 4 Controller

This controller will be part of a sale on the Bethesda store itself, and currently there is no sign of an equivalent controller appearing on PlayStation.

Everything is pretty boggo-standard with the controller except the fact it ditches the custom Microsoft microphone interface and replaces it with a much more user friendly 3.5mm jack (the same one your phone has). This should make the use of headphones much simpler with Fallout 4, so when you’re playing at 5am in the morning, you won’t wake the house.

Fallout 4 is set for launch on November 10th.

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