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If you are looking for Dublin Donuts, look no father than Aungier Danger.

Okay, so fair enough, we generally cover tech and entertainment, but we have a soft spot in our hearts for donuts (actually it’s probably quite a hard clogged part of our hearts).

Coming soon to Aungier Street in Dublin City Centre is Aungier Danger, a brand new dedicated donut shop. The only tenuous link that we can really cover as Goos3D is that their Instagram feed so far looks pretty sweet. What’s also bound to be pretty sweet are of course the donuts. Below is the aptly titled, “Crimescene”.

#TheCrimeScene #AungierDanger

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Okay, we’re really not passing this off as a tech review rather than a brief interlude as to how much we love donuts, so we better have a quick look at their site. For now it’s just a splash screen, but it’s mobile responsive, begging the question will there be some sort of online service for order your favourite donuts?

Aungier Danger Dublin DonutsWhat we love most about their set up is the fact their opening hours would appear to be ever so slightly fluid. Aungier Danger will be open to supply you with donuts from 7.30 am until they sell out. So either they won’t have many, or this are going to be some immensely high quality donuts.

Please note, if you are an owner of Aungier Danger, Goos3D will not under and circumstances accept samples in return for media coverage. With that said, you’re welcome to offer and we see what happens?

Aungier Danger opens Monday 18th October. All joking aside, get out and support what is sure to be a tasty Irish business.

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