Five apps Big Sam Allardyce will be needing

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Ding Dong, Big Sam is gone. After 67 days, and 1 match in charge, Sam Allardyce has left his job as England manager. Following a sting operation by the Telegraph in the UK, Sam finds himself with lots of free time on his hands. He’ll need some new apps to pass the time. So sit back and relax as we look at five apps for Big Sam that will keep him busy for a while.

You can’t keep a guy like Big Sam down for long. Sam will be looking to get back into the dugout as soon as possible. The LinkedIn Job Search app  will notify him of any management jobs in his area that might come up. Maybe one in West London or South Wales would suit?
The LinkedIn Job Search app is available for iOS and Android.

Fantasy Football

With all of the potential employers out there, what better way to keep your manager skills up to scratch than with some Fantasy Football Manager? He can relive his “successful” Bolton days, or try to keep Sunderland in the Premier League. He’d certainly do a better job than David Moyes! Maybe he’ll join the Goos3D League and chance his arm against the team here.

Get the Premier League Fantasy Football app.

Sky Go

Big Sam is a football man through and through. But now that he’s unemployed, he won’t be getting his complimentary match tickets from the FA anymore. He can still watch plenty of live football through the Sky Go app, and even catch up on some of his favourite TV programs and movies. Goos3D recommend “The Night Of”, while Big Sam is a big fan of gangster films (so we’ve heard). Both are available on the Sky Go app to keep him occupied.



What happens when you have a few people invested in something? Maybe there are some third party ownership issues that need to be managed? Splitwise lets you create groups to manage your joint finances and keep track of any payments made or received in real time. Given that he is known for being a bit of a wheeler-dealer, Splitwise has to be one of the five apps for Big Sam.


Ah Big Sam. We’ve all been there. Getting caught slagging off one of the lads and trying to bend the rules in work, and having it caught on video. It’s all nothing new. But the trick is to make sure that it gets deleted. Snapchat has to be one of the five apps for Big Sam, catch all the pictures and video you want, send them around, and they get deleted. Perfect! Plus with Snapchat Spectacles, those pesky undercover reporters will stand out like a sore thumb recording you.

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