6 Signs You’re Addicted to Netflix

addicted to netflix

It’s usually when the “Are you still watching” question pops up in Netflix that we all briefly question how many more episodes is acceptable to watch in one night. Here’s the 6 signs that show you are addicted to Netflix. (Click images if they don’t move)

1. Watching an episode a week feels wrong

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Back in the day, people could only watch Glenroe once a week. This defined Sunday evenings. Well this and realising half your maths homework wasn’t finished. Nowadays, you can no longer handle that week long wait. You need your fix. Viewing an entire season in one sitting is par for the course now.

2. You are the owner of the Netflix account (shared with family)


After a long day of work/college you sit down and pop on Netflix to watch season 4 of Breaking Bad. The kettle is boiled, your feet are up and you’re greeted by a message that there are too many users streaming from your Netflix account. The proceedings that follow are more serious that a custody battle for children, as negotiations to reclaim control of your own account may lead to disowning family members. See also – actually bought your own membership.

It really is the modern equivalent of having someone on the phone while you’re on the computer wrestling with the dial-up.

3.  You’ve literally lost time

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This is perhaps the most common sign of acute Netflix addiction. A quick glance at your phone to check the time. Still time for one episode before bed and allowing enough sleep to operate in work/college at 9am the next morning. Boom. Work/college started 2 hours ago and you’re on the conclusion of a series you just started watching.

4. Are you still watching?

are you still watching netflix

This pops up every couple of episodes to make sure that you don’t miss too much by falling asleep. If you’re addicted to Netflix and in the middle of a binge, chances are you’re shouting “don’t you judge me dammit” at the TV while this appears.

5. You find a show that trims intros during a binge


If you’re addicted to Netflix, chances are you’ve binged. Nothing annoys you more than sitting through that minute long theme song of a show 12 times in one day. Sure you’ve been fired from your job and/or failed college, but that song really grates on you now.

6. The buffering circle appears…

And your world collapses…


Let us know if you’re an Netflix addict and if there’s tell-tale signs we’ve missed.

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