The Condom Challenge is the latest craze to sweep the internet and it seems a natural successor to the Ice Bucket Challenge. We’d love to have a magical way of describing this without making everyone involved sound fairly thick, but as we can’t, here’s the stripped out version.

The Condom Challenge involves people filling a condom with water and dropping it on an expecting friends head in the hope the full condom engulfs the participants head. The ultimate goal here is to that 100% blobby head look. The below Vine does a lot to give you a good explanation of the process.

Of course, the Condom Challenge is not limited to one successful effort, but instead be a wide array of successes, fails and moments of slight anxiety as our inner Mammy screams at the screen at how dangerous this all is in terms of…you know…breathing.

Condom Challenge Wins

Condom Challenge Fails


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