The mark of a progress is how quickly big applications adopt new platforms and few come bigger than Minecraft appearing on the Samsung Gear VR.

Minecraft was created in 2011 and in recent years has grown into one of the biggest games. Originally appearing on PC, Minecraft is now available on all major platforms and is the most popular PC game and third most popular video game of all time. Originating from a basic sandbox game, Minecraft requires the player to build in a first person 3D world using blocks. The game developed to include various different game modes beyond simple building, ranging from adventure mode to multi-player modes.

Considering the first person nature of the game, Minecraft appearing within the Gear VR world is arguably one of the most exciting adoptions to date. Excitement has been building since last month’s announcement that the game would be available on one of the world’s leading VR platforms in the Oculus powered headset.

Gear VR Controller for MinecraftFirst off, you will require one item that not all Gear VR users have yet; a Bluetooth controller. In all honesty, if you want to get the most out of owning a virtual reality headset, you should invest in one of these, even if it is a relatively cheap one. With controller in hand, you are greeted with two primary game modes; cinema mode and first person VR mode.

Cinema mode kind of defeats the purpose of the adoption to Gear VR, with first person VR mode being much more interesting. If you are familiar with the Minecraft Pocket Edition version of the game, you know what to expect in terms of game modes. Within the Oculus store the game has earned a rating of “Comfortable for some”.┬áThe game utilises snapturns, which does make it a little more comfortable, but limited time playing might be the only solution as it is incredibly immersive.

We’ll be back soon with a full game-play review of Minecraft on Samsung Gear VR.

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