Dare to Care: Five times I missed my smartphone

i missed my smartphone

After one month without a smartphone to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society, I’ve picked out five times I missed my smartphone this month.

I missed my smartphone in the gym

People will often hear me talking about going to the gym. People who really know me, also know it’s likely a complete lie. I’m not a regular in the local gym but, at the same time, I do enjoy popping in every now and then. Smartphones play a funny part in the hour or so you spend in the gym. You’ll likely notice it a lot more the next time you’re there.

i missed my smartphone in the gymFirst of all, there’s the woeful music that gyms play. My good lord. At the risk of realising I’m aging, how does anyone think that stuff is motivational. I like trodding along to Metallica or maybe a podcast through Spotify. Recently, SkyGo has weighed in too, though I’m sure it’s not great for the rhythm.

Then of course, it would be sacrilege if tech wasn’t involved somewhere in my terrible fitness regime. My Huawei Watch gives me my live heart-rate while keeping track of all the metrics I measure. I won’t be sharing these any time soon.

I missed my smartphone while driving

Once or twice over the past month, I’ve been completely lost behind the wheel. On one hand, it’s exciting to not really know where you’re going. Also, you get to see some lovely places that were, until just five minutes previous, were complete mysteries. At the same time, jumping across three lanes of traffic while apologising to everyone and hoping for the best, isn’t much fun. I’ll be looking forward to having Google Maps back.

Just ask Jon. Himself and Dean had to journey from Limerick to Dublin to see Goos3D.ie nab silver at the Blog Awards.

I missed my smartphone during lunch time

Actually, every time you sit with someone and you don’t have a smartphone, you realise just how much everyone uses their phone. There’s only so many times you can glance at your Nokia 3310 before you have to initiate conversation with someone. Chances are they won’t be listening, but you have to persevere.

I missed my smartphone while taking toilet breaks

Oh sure, be all high and mighty but you use your smartphone on the toilet. Toilet breaks are longer than ever because of smartphones. Over the past month, I’ve read my share of records from a strategically placed Guinness Book of Records and where that wasn’t available, resorted to reading shampoo bottles and the likes.

miss my smartphone

Fun fact: This is Lilleput – the world’s shortest cat. She’s just 5.25 inches tall. Awwwww

I missed my smartphone in general

Okay, so this is quite broad and general but bear with me. Granted, I consider myself to be a bit of a techie and that was always going to be the biggest challenge-disconnecting. A bit ironic of course considering Nokia’s old motto:

I’ve missed, and I know the lads were the same, using Facebook, Gmail and the likes of Twitter. Sure enough, there’s been the odd trip to a laptop, but it’s the hour on lunch or weekend trip somewhere. Not having the usual information and updates to hand, made me a little uneasy. Now, I don’t take back what I said on Today FM – it hasn’t been as difficult as expected and I could even go another while.

With that said, I’d simply rather not. Giving up your smartphone is much easier than you think, but my oh my is it a nice thing to have in your pocket for when you need to know something.

With the month finally complete, our donation page is still open. You can still donate to the Irish Cancer Society below and help beat cancer.


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