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If you’re a dog owner, bringing your beloved pet on holidays isn’t always an option. Your destination might not be dog-friendly, maybe you don’t like the idea of travelling without your dog being in your sight at all times or maybe you just don’t want to mind your dog when you take a break. All legit reasons why you might be looking for a dog boarding option before you fly off into the sunset. Traditionally, this is where the parents come in or you would turn to Google and start searching for dog kennels in your area, but did you know you can give your dog a vacation while you travel? That’s exactly what HouseMyDog is all about.

What is HouseMyDog?

It’s pretty obvious that dog owners really love their dogs but would you believe almost 70% of people have put off making holiday plans because of their furry friends? I’m going to come clean; I’m a dog person and I would absolutely give up holidays for a few years if it meant I could have a dog again. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between holidays and having a dog thanks to an Irish company called House My Dog.

You probably know Airbnb right? Well, you guessed it; HouseMyDog is Airbnb for dogs. Once you have your flights booked and your Majorcan accommodation booked the only thing left to do is find someone offering one-to-one dog sitting; because you wouldn’t see your beloved pup going into a public kennel.

Right now, you can get HouseMyDog vetted one-to-one dog sitters in these cities:

  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • Limerick
  • Waterford
  • Cork
  • Belfast
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • London

What is One-to-One Dog Sitting?

One-to-one dog sitting simply means you find an individual to look after your dog when you’re away. The only dog they’ll be looking after is yours; unless they own a dog themselves of course. Naturally, the first question that comes to mind has to be “is HouseMyDog safe”. Funnily enough, you wouldn’t ask that about most situations you’d put yourself in but such is the love we have for our dogs!

The team behind HouseMyDog carefully select the dog sitters that are available on the website but don’t take their word for it. Part of the deal is that you get you meet and greet your dog sitter before agreeing to pick them. Just like Airbnb, there’s also a great rating system so you can already pick out the power dog sitters. If you’re thinking about becoming a dog sitter, act early and join up because people are already taking over as the “must have” dog sitters of Dublin!

Why Pick HouseMyDog Over Dog Kennels?

I’m not for one second suggesting that dog kennels in Ireland and further afield are not run well, but gathering lots of dogs in one area can be a bad thing. Whether it be fighting or ‘kennel cough‘, the stress on your pet might only be surpassed by the stress you’ll feel leaving them there. Plus, there’s just no way a kennel with loads of dogs will be able to pay your pet the attention you’d like them to have.

With HouseMyDog, you’ll be leaving your pet with a dog sitter whose focus will only be your dog and maybe their own dog should they have one. This reduces the risk of fighting and infections spreading.

In terms of price, you’ll likely get more for your money with HouseMyDog though the cost between the site and traditional dog kennels seems to be negligible. The big difference is the ratio of minders to dogs.

How to Become a Dog Sitter

Right, let me get this straight:

  • get to play with dogs
  • get paid

I’m failing to see the catch. If you’re a dog person with some free time, you can register with HouseMyDog to become a dog sitter. Once you sign up, you can set up a free profile and even pick out the size of dog you’re comfortable looking after. Your profile will then show the verification steps you’ve completed, more the merrier, and you can pick how much you charge. The going rate appears to be between €15 and €30 per day for your doggy to stay with a HouseMyDog sitter.

Why Use HouseMyDog?

Just think about it. You’re away in Majorca, enjoying the sun while your dog is chilling with a family of people that adore dogs. Maybe they have their own dog. You can use the filters on the site to find the kind of owner and situation that suits you. Before long,  your good boy is enjoying new smells and maybe making a new friend or two.

62% of people worry that their pet will miss them and the family home if they’re put into a kennel. If you give your dog a vacation to another home of dog lovers, the attention they get will have their minds of you pretty quickly.

Whether your a dog owner going on holidays or a dog lover with some free time, HouseMyDog is one of those amazing online communities that just seems like a brilliant no-brainer. I’m currently fighting the temptation to register as a pet sitter. A one-bed apartment just wouldn’t work, right?








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