A first look at Google Daydream apps

Google Daydream apps

When we got to try out the HTC Vive, we pretty much knew it was a game changer, but  after taking a first look at some Google Daydream apps, this could disrupt the VR marketplace. The Vive’s paddles made infinitely more sense once we actually tried them out, but the device itself, while brilliant, is bloody expensive.

Google’s Daydream project, like Google Cardboard before it, has sights set on premium VR experiences at barrier breaking prices. The Google VR YouTube channel has been lighting up lately with some early videos of experimental apps.

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Combining shared objectives with virtual reality allows people to break the ice in a whole new way thanks to Puzzle. The two players are seen to be helping each other out and being only delighted to have solved the position for some jigsaw pieces. Don’t let our sarcasm take from how impressive and close to the Vive this simple Google Daydream app is.


Again showing the power of the handheld Daydream controller, Animator is a quick clip demonstrating how users to move objects around and record their movements. The short clip also shows the program’s physics engine. Of all the Google Daydream apps on show, this is perhaps the most impressive as it fully demonstrates how immersive interactive VR can be with the use of paddles.


To demonstrate the power of a smartphone’s physics engine, the Daydream team have created the Puppeteer app. This shows the joints of a skeleton moving independently based on the inputs of the user’s controller.

You can expect to see more apps emerge in the coming months for the Google Daydream, so be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep in touch with what is likely to be the big Christmas present of 2016.

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