Of all the Hallmark makey-uppy celebrations, Father’s Day probably gets the least attention. Sure all your auld lad wants is socks really. Still, there’s time to order from Amazon still so here are some more creative Father’s Day gift ideas.


Aw, god damn it. Not even one gift in and it’s socks. To be fair, it’s not just any old pair of socks. Let you dad embrace his inner summer-dad regardless of the weather or footwear: sandal-socks.

sandal socks are a great fathers day gift idea

Gift cards

Usually, gift cards are a last-minute solution when you’ve been caught of guard. Well, to be honest, they actually always are. But gift cards are a great Father’s Day gift idea and because Dad’s are simple creatures, they’ll be delighted with the few bob to spend in Gamestop or on Amazon. Plus, just thin about it logically. That country CD will be great for a few minutes, but a Spotify membership gives an endless amount of music. We’ve written in detail about this in the past so check it out.

TomTom Go is a brilliant sat-nav app

Is your auld lad the kind of man that rather get lost than ask for directions? Yeah, they all are. TomTom is one of the world’s best-known sat-nav makers. Smartphones came along and destroyed demand in their hardware. Finding themselves in an ‘adapt or die’ situation, TomTom created a fantastic navigation app. Sure enough, Google Maps does a fairly good job, but TomTom Go just has a more polished finish to it. Read the full review we did on this a while back, but at €19.99 it’s a great pressie for Dad. It’s also a handy one if you find yourself without a present at short notice.

Sony WS620 Bluetooth Walkman

earphones for father's dayYeah, Walkman. Go on, admit it, you just got all nostalgic. These Sony earphones are a serious piece of kit and will surely tick a few boxes for Dads out there, particularly the active ones. Dustproof and waterproof, the Sony W620 can even be used while swimming. For cyclists and people trying to hear instructors, they’ve also got an ambient mode that lets you tune into your surroundings. These Sony earphones have built-in storage to have a few tunes but, of course, can also be connected to a smartphone. You’ll find these at a load of electronics retailers, just check out the Sony site.

So, when is Father’s Day?

I’ve already had a mini-heart attack because of the Lidl catalogue advertising Father’s Day last week, but you still have time. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 18 June, but just bear in mind you’ll need some extra time if you’re ordering from Amazon.co.uk. You could always pick him up and Echo Dot.


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