Dublin will welcome its third Augmented and Virtual Reality conference on 28th April, in the shape of the ARVR Innovate Conference.

Following the success of the first two years and owing to the ever increasing popularity of virtual reality, Croke Park welcomes the third  the ARVR Innovate Conference. The expo will be of interest for those involved in the practical and commercial application of both virtual reality and augmented reality.

The conference will see top speakers come together to discuss the future of the world’s fastest growing platform, including TED Talks speaker, Don Levy. Top innovators of the industry will also be exhibiting. We’ve picked out our top three items to make sure you don’t miss at the conference.


iTagged logoiTagged is an augmented reality experience which uses your smartphone to place a secondary layer of data over the world that surrounds us. Users can then view the world through their phone with an overlay of rich data. iTagged provides an option which is both extremely practical and entertaining and is currently available for download for iOS devices.


2aOEIDWB_400x400-r50We recently updated you with news that the world’s first virtual reality surgery was taking place in London. The practical applications of both virtual reality and augmented reality are clear for all to see, with the medical industry staying on the forefront of innovations. Dr. David Trainor, founded of Sentireal, will be speaking at the upcoming conference. Sentireal develop apps which provide personalised guides for training.


Being charged with an aspect of promoting the latest Star Wars movies would be daunted for most, but Brandwidth took it in their stride. The companies Head of Innovation, Dean Johnson, will be on hand for the discussions that come with the Dublin ARVR Innovate Conference. Brandwidth are a truly cutting edge company utilising virtual reality in marketing terms and should be a real highlight of the conference.

You can find out more by visiting the AR VR Innovate website or viewing the video of last year’s event below. The conference is directed towards agencies interested in AR and VR, but speaks volumes about how these new platforms are the next big thing.

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