foldable phone comparison

Foldable Phones: Do People Really Want This?

Foldable phones. Apparently, they'll be the next generation of smartphone technology. I'm really apprehensive about all of this, so please follow me on a...
countryside uber

An Uber Simple Solution to Rural Drink Driving Laws

I find the national discussion on rural drink-driving laws to be a bit of an embarrassment for quite a few reasons. I'm from the...
apple facetime bug

Lost Sales and Security Bugs: Is Apple Crumbling?

You'll often read articles with headlines like this which end up being long-winded to dance around a question before ultimately leading anti-climatic answer. Let...
Web Summit Lisbon 2016

Web Summit 2016 Lisbon: Irish tech will survive

Does Web Summit moving to Lisbon for 2016 suck? Yes, absolutely. Is it the end of the world and the Irish tech industry? Absolutely...