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is 5g dangerous

Is 5G Dangerous? Google Searches Soar For New Mobile Network Dangers

5G is coming. Actually, the fifth generation of mobile internet is already here thanks to Vodafone. With 5G in Ireland, I've seen there's a...
irelands best mobile network

The Complete Guide To Irish Mobile Network Plans

As I am sure you all know by now, iD Ireland has officially gone into liquidation leaving 40,000 Irish customers looking for a new...
meteor becomes eir

Big Changes Ahead as Meteor Becomes eir

That's it, over, kaput, finito an end of an era. Come September, Meteor will be no more and in its place, eir will take over....
id mobile set to leave ireland

iD Mobile Set to Leave Irish Market – Who’ll Replace Them?

There’s a fair chance you’ve never heard of iD Mobile. That seems to be the reaction I’ve always got when I tell people what...