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soundcore liberty air 2 pro-2

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review: Light With Lots Of Battery

Not that long ago, ear buds were expensive with an absolute maximum of three hours battery. Noise cancelling was fancy technology only found in...
best headphones of 2020

The Best Headphones Of 2020 Reviewed: Ranked

The 2020 market has been absolutely swarmed with incredible audio accessories. From high quality noise cancelling headphones to earbuds to help you work. There...
Huawei FreeBuds Studio

Huawei FreeBuds Studio Review: The ANC Christmas Challenger

How do I open this review? Do I go with the “saturated headphone market” approach? Maybe it’s more of a “Huawei plugging the gaps...
JBL club one review

JBL Club One Review: Can A Value Brand Delve Into High-end?

When you get to review as many things as I do you have to challenge a lot of your own perceptions. Getting around brands...
kygo a11/800 review

Kygo A11/800 Review: For The Dance Music Fans Not The Audiophiles

There's a whopper volume of headphones hitting the market these days. It's well-timed too. Not all office workplaces encourage headphones, but with more people...
sennheiser momentum 3 headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Headphones Review

People are investing more and more in audio equipment these days. It might be a by-product of travelling more, but noise-cancelling headphones capable of...