Shakesphere Bottle Review: The Best Protein Shaker?

shakesphere protein shaker

There’s so much about this post I never thought I’d be writing. Well, mainly the fact I’m writing about a protein shaker is enough. I’m on the most serious fitness kick of my life. You may remember a few of these in the past, but this time feels different. With my Whoop band on one side and a Shakesphere protein shaker on the other, I’ve been eating proper and hitting the gym. I didn’t realise that there was even different types of shaker out there, but here we are. This one is great!

What Types Of Protein Shaker Are There?

There are two main types of protein shakers. One that uses mesh at the top to break up your protein and another that uses a big metal ball. Both work well but I always thought these shakers looked flimsy. After some research, it turns out lots of people thing they’re useless. They either lose parts of the shaker or the shaker opens and spills everywhere. This is why I was drawn to the Shakesphere bottle.

The Shakesphere Protein Shaker

I was given a goal of 160g of protein to consume daily. Apparently, protein promotes weight loss through improved metabolic activity. It’s fuel on the fire of weight loss. I’d been eating turkey everything but still falling short of my goal so I buckled. I finally bought a massive tub of protein and became everything I’d judged for years.

Next up, I was going to need a shaker. After the aforementioned research, I landed on the Shakesphere protein shaker.

How Does It Work?

The primary goal of a shaker is to let you make a nice, lump-free, smoothie from water and your protein mix. The Shakesphere bottle does this be design. A curved top and bottom naturally make liquids and solids mix in the container. You just need to shake the hell out of it. It’s a bit of a workout in itself really.

Once done, you have a nice protein smoothie to drink. It’s that simple.

My Shakesphere Shake Recipe

It’s only fairly I tell you how I’ve been using this so you get an idea for yourself. Here’s what I mix:

  • 35g protein power
  • a really ripe banana
  • 1 cup water
  • a few ice cubes.

To mix it up, I start with just the banana and give it about 15-seconds of shaking while avoiding eye contact with everyone. Next up is the rest. Personally, I don’t like room temperature shakes, so either some cold water or added ice into the mix. Personally, I do prefer the ice because I think it bates more lumps out of the banana.

Finally, enjoy. Log in MyFitnessPal and Bob is your mother’s brother.

Other Features

There are some other great features too. The locking slide lid means no leaks. The big oversized grips make it easy to open. There’s a measurement window on the side, that to be honest, I didn’t find all that helpful yet. And then there’s a wee ring for you to hold your bottle with.

One thing to be careful of is not to press the ring when closing or opening the shaker. Mine seems to have cracked a little bit after just a week but I did but pressure on the ring.

Cleaning The Shakesphere Shaker

I hate washing up. I don’t have a dishwasher so this was an important win for this shaker. It’s super easy to clean. That’s a double win. The bottle itself is nearly always completely empty when I’m done with it. This is down to the material it’s made from. That means less wasted protein. The second point is that the thing is just really easy to clean. Water in, quick shake, maybe some suds and a rinse. Clean as a whistle.

Shakesphere Shaker: The Verdict

It’s hard to find fault with a product like this that just does its one job really well and was received well on Dragon’s Den when it featured. There’s a lot of gimmicky products coming onto the market with built-in battery-powered blenders, but I’d wager they’ll all break after a week. This is a mega way to make a quick smoothie on the go. Even when I’m at home it’s saving me from getting the blender down. Sure, if I had frozen fruits on the brain I’d have to go for the blender again. But just getting a quick protein hit in between meetings or jobs? This is a winner.

You can buy the Shakesphere protein shaker from, delivered, for €30.

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shakesphere-protein-shaker-reviewThis is just a really solid product. It's a clever design to overcome the problems with cheaper traditional protein shakers. It does everything advertised but just remember. The riper the banana the better. It comes in so many colours and designs that most will find something for them that looks awesome. Finally, you only need one so don't buy several. At €30 it's not cheap, but it's not crazy money either.