Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been diddling about with a new video editing software called Flexiclip. The good folks set us up with a premium month’s membership so we could give it a test run to see the ins and outs. Now just because they gave us a free run doesn’t mean this is an ad, far from it. What I will say is that if you are new to video editing this is a nice and simple to use tool. In this review i’ll explain that the hell it is and how its works to allow you to make and edit your videos on your internet browser.

What is FlexClip?

I made this in about 5 mins to test the waters

Let’s get started with what is FlexiClip, simply put it’s an online video editor that’s made for users who are new to editing. They provide a pile of templates and loads of stock footage too so if you are trying to create a little ad for Facebook or you can upload your own clips and make a montage of sorts, really it is up to you.

The idea here is simplicity, I was able to pick this up in a couple of minutes and thankfully you don’t need to be a pro to make invitations, vlogs, ads, or promo videos but it hella helps if you are. There is also a free version so not unlike other online design software’s such as Crello you can get what you need without paying. But we were working on the Business plan which gave us access to the additional features.

Speaking of features

Ah yes, on the point of these fancy features the business plan gives us there are a few. Here’s all of them…

  • Video Editing Tool
  • Video Maker – Simple Drag and Drop tool, this is where you build a video from scratch or build from a template, using stock or your own footage.
  • Video Trimmer – trim parts of your video by simply dragging your cursor. The software allows you to get creative with different transtitions
  • Video Merger – Literally upload your videos and place them in sequence
  • Video Converter – select from custom sizes fit for smartphones, tablets etc and set the video resolution and file format you need.
  • Royalty Free Library – thousands of totally free videos, photos, and music you can add to your storyboard without breaching copyright. The same goes for background music.
  • Screen & Voice Recorder – create instructional videos, speak while filming or add voice overs.
  • Motion Graphics – add some special effects for that little added spark

Essentially Flexiclip is designed to make video editing easier than it has ever been before. The features are there to help you build a video quickly and without too much anguish, while it can’t help you be more creative all the tools you need are right there and easy to use which is fair handy.

Loads of Templates

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Templates are a life-saver, especially when you know you have to make a video but don’t know where to start. Flexiclip offers these in spades:

  • Personal Video – Ideal for birthdays and the likes
  • Business Video – Create a professional pitch or video CV
  • Social Clip – templates are suitable for popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Tutorials – FlexClip’s How-To and Tutorial templates are ideal for creating educational content
  • Marketing – promos , or product launch videos
  • Music Video – Lyric type video or make your own music video from a template

FlexClip Free vs. Paid

As with any of these types of sites, they give you more than enough for free to do the job that you will want to do, but as always premium is better with Flexiclip offers a bit more functionality when you open the cheque book.

Both free and paid offer the same range of templates, tools, special effects and downloadable app for your desktop but when it comes to paying you get all this added on:

  • Output Quality – Free only exports in 480p but premium you can export up to 1080p Full HD
  • Project Count – Free gives 12 projects whereas the business plan gives 1,000
  • Stock Content – Free limits your to one stock clip per video but with paid do what you want
  • Video Length – 1 min vs 30 mins


If you reached this part, you probably already know that FlexClip video maker can be used for free. But it also offers paid options:

  • Free – Includes standard resolution, 12 projects, one stock video, and a one-minute video length cap.
  • Basic – $4.99/month – Includes higher resolution, 50 projects, one stock video, a one-minute video length cap, custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro.
  • Plus – $7.99/month – Includes everything in Basic and 1080p downloads.
  • Business – $19.99/month – Includes everything in Plus, 1000 projects, unlimited stock videos, and a 30-minute video length cap.

The Goosed Verdict 

Well the question is, is Flexiclip actually any good. Well yes and no like any of these freemium design software sites that we have used in the past. On the downside, Adobe Premiere and After Effects are always going to be infinitely better so for users with a bit of experience or background Flexiclip probably won’t cut it. It lacks the real depth of editing freedom these platforms offer and there is a video duration limit.

Both free and paid versions are free of a FlexClip watermark but the free version does plant an intro clip you can’t remove unless you pay for premium or of course cut it out in Movie Maker.

If you are new to video editing then you can’t go wrong with Flexiclip as the easy to use interface, rack of footage and templates will help you make a much cleaner and professional video than you would have been able to produce on something like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. It’s one of these it will more than do the job for the beginner but if your goal is to make a proffessional level movie quality production it’s off to learning Adobe with you.

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