EZ Living Furniture’s new AR app

Gotta love Covid… no, no we don’t, this year has brought more challenges to our day to day lives than the whole of the last decade before it. Things we took for granted poof, gone, and for many in retail it has been an incredibly tough year. Companies need to adapt and one such company has done just that and using your mobile phone or tablet, bring EZ Living Furniture’s catalogue of virtual furniture into your home with a new augmented reality app.  Meaning shopping for furniture perfect for your home, while being at home is now a reality. So whether its chairs, bed, lights or whatever you can virtually try before you buy!

EZ Living Furniture AR by Intiaro INC

EZ Living have collaborated with the Augmented Reality (AR) firm Intiaro to create an app that is engaging, immersive and Covid safe, because that’s a thing now. This AR app, available on any smartphone or tablet, is the first of its kind in Ireland.

Users can explore more than 800 EZ Living Furniture products and can place and view virtual (available for purchase) items in their homes all with the touch of a fingertip. They can experiment with different positions and angles and customise with ease. Users can add, remove or rearrange items, even onto panoramic images to experiment with multiple layouts.  Just pick what you like, point your phone at the place you want to put it and choose the colour you want to get a virtual look at your place with this new piece of kit in place.

We reckon apps like this are going to become an integral part of retail in the future and something like this you can even share the pics and clips you take with your significant other before making a decision on your big home purchase. It’s really as simple as point and shoot to see how that sofa or bedside locker will look in your room, you can even do a walkaround to be really sure before you buy.

The EZ AR app allows you to view life-sized pieces of furniture in your room and all products are available to purchase from their online store. Available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store 

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